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Interview with Silvana Di Franco

Interview with Silvana Di Franco

Celebrity Style Weddings Can you share what inspired you to start shooting weddings?
Silvana Di Franco Wedding Photography has come a long way artistically. It is beautiful to see the different ways people celebrate love!

CSW Did you receive any special training to get into wedding and portrait photography?
SDF No.  I studied Radio, Television and Film from the University of Maryland but have had a camera in my life since I was 13 years old (thanks to my hobbyist Dad).

CSW What is your approach when you work with a bride and groom?
SDF Relaxed approach for sure. I often get them to move and interact with one another. I start capturing those moments first until they feel relaxed enough with me pointing a camera at them.

CSW We know you’re based in San Francisco but where have you shot weddings and what areas do you cover?
SDF I have shot weddings in Mexico, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Kentucky but mostly here in the Bay Area. I love to travel so I’m willing to go anywhere!

CSW What is typically the busiest time of year for you when it comes to weddings? How early in advance should a bride book with you?
SDF Typically from May through October but the past two years have been very a-typical. I feel as though each year it changes. Brides used to book a year out and some still do but it looks like 6-9 months out at the moment.

CSW What types of questions should a couple ask you when they contact you to shoot their wedding?
SDF What my photography style/approach is. I shoot a hybrid of Film and Digital and the client will receive a customized Flash Drive with all the edited images (both film and digital). All files are digitized.

CSW Many brides and grooms make a must-shoot list. Is this really necessary?
SDF Only if that is the Bride and Groom’s personality. I wouldn’t want them to stress out in any way. I usually do not ask for a shot list.

CSW When working with a wedding party, do you have any advice to offer in terms of making sure the bride gets all the shots she wants?
SDF If they need to fill a shot list out, I will supply them with a list of “typical” wedding shots that they can simply check off. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I know how the day will go and what is needed to fulfill the client’s needs.

CSW What types of equipment do you favor when shooting?
SDF My Contax 645 film camera!! Go FILM! My camera bag is filled with 1 Contax 1 Canon 5DMII 1 Canon Élan 7 with Zeiss Lens, back up Canon 5D, batteries, lenses, film, flash units, video panel light.

CSW What is your style, cinematic, documentary, or do you do a mix of both?
SDF Mix!

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CSW Are there any new wedding photo trends you’d like to tell us, something like the “Trash the dress” photo trend?
SDF I hope not! I have not heard of any yet.

CSW What if the wedding has a videographer, how do you work with them?
SDF Usually there are not troubles. We chat before hand and we set up some respectable boundaries.

CSW Have you ever shot City Hall ceremonies? What is that like?
SDF Yes and San Francisco has a most beautiful City Hall at that! They are sweet, intimate and lovely!

We absolutely admire the zest of life mood she creates from her photographic work. To contact Silvana Di Franco visit her website www.silvanadifranco.com

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