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10 Memorable Bridesmaid Proposals
John Hardy

10 Memorable Bridesmaid Proposals

  • Wondering how to ask a friend to be your bridesmaid? These bridesmaid proposal ideas are just what you need.
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Now that you’re engaged…what happens now? Well, you could start with choosing which of your gal pals and family members you’d like to be your bridesmaids!  It’s your turn to pop the important question! Bridesmaid proposals have become huge as brides are opting to do them in creative and elaborate ways.

Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility , investment of time, and a financial commitment. So make these women a “proposal” they can’t refuse. Make one that really shows your appreciation and demonstrates how important their presence would be on the biggest day of your life! Here are 10 memorable bridesmaid “proposals” that nobody could refuse.

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