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How Much And What You Should Practice For Your Big Day
John Hardy

How Much And What You Should Practice For Your Big Day

So your wedding is coming up and you’re probably a little anxious about it – and understandably so, there’s a lot of work that goes into weddings.

Your wedding is meant to be one of the happiest and biggest days of your life, so you want it to be perfect – but what exactly needs to be perfect? Here are some things that you should practice before your big day.

The First Dance

The first (and most obvious) thing you need to practice is your first dance. The first dance can be as big or little of a deal as you want, so it’s up to you how much glitz and glamor you put into your performance. Just remember, it’s is a performance.

The first dance is one of the most watched parts of the wedding aside from when you say your vows. Practice your dance until you feel comfortable, and don’t feel pressured to do something huge if you’d rather not – remember that it is you and your partner’s day, so don’t feel too much pressure to be perfect, it’s all about having fun.

Your Wedding Vows

When it comes to saying your vows, it’s always a good idea to practice. It’s fine to just read your vows off a sheet if you’re terrible at remembering (aren’t we all?), but it adds a certain intimacy if you memorize your lines and say them to your partner while looking into their eyes. Obviously you need to practice a fair amount if you want to memorize the lines – and keep in mind to practice out loud as opposed to just memorizing them from reading alone – it’ll help when the time comes. But if you’re going to read your vows, should you still practice? Absolutely. Your vows can be the most romantic or most awkward part of your wedding depending on how nervous you get trying to tell your new spouse just how much you love them (with everyone watching – no wonder couples nervous), but if you practice beforehand, you may still get nervous, but you’re likely able to avoid tripping on your words.

The Little Things Are A Big Deal

What else should you practice? Practice the physical things next, such as doing your hair/makeup, walking in your dress, posing for the camera, and staying calm. If you practice and perfect these things beforehand, you’ll save yourself the stress and nervousness of being unsure that everything will turn out well.

What if you tripped going down the aisle? your dress doesn’t sit right? Your hair extensions fall out? (Oh no! we hope not). All of these questions will suddenly go through your mind during the big moments if you don’t practice them.

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Your big day is the day you’re supposed to focus on your love for your spouse and the life you’re going to live together, don’t let nerves brought on by other things get in the way. Being confident that everything will go well is what will make everything go well, and that confidence comes from good practice and preparation.

The Art Of Quick Conversation

One final thing you may want to practice that isn’t as necessary to having a perfect wedding – it is simply to practice the art of quick conversation. You’re probably going to have more than a few people at your wedding, and they’ll all want to talk to you at some point. When you’re playing host to anything, everyone will normally want a piece of you, it’s only natural. Preparing to start and end conversations easily can spare you the irritation and stress of having so many people to talk to and not much time.

When it comes down to it, practicing these things for your wedding isn’t just for making your wedding appear perfect to your guests, but also it’s so you’ll have one of the best and most memorable days of your life. If you’re comfortable and confident, you’ll have a great time. Weddings aren’t meant to be stressful, though they frequently are, so do yourself a favor and put the work in to make it as easy going as possible.

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