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Hillary Swank And Ruben Torres Are Engaged
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Hillary Swank And Ruben Torres Are Engaged

Hillary Swank and Ruben Torres became engaged just this month, on March 22nd 2016, after about a year of dating.

We all know Swank from her acting roles, but her now-fiance Ruben Torres is also famous in the sports realm, being a tennis pro from Colombia.

Apparently the couple became engaged on a hike where Torres proposed to 41 year-old Swank in the hills of California where the couple reside. A nice and simple engagement sure, but the ring is incredible. Swank posted on Instagram a picture of herself and Torres posing on their hike – no doubt pretty soon after Torres popped the question – with a gorgeous emerald ring on her left ring finger.


Emerald engagement rings are becoming more common these days, with brides to be wanting rings that truly encompass their style and romance. Hilary Swank’s new ring isn’t the traditional diamond, but rather a very special Colombian emerald from where Torres is from. Not too big, not too little, the ring seems to be a perfect fit for Swank.

Hilary Swank and Ruben Torres are certainly a very romantic couple – posting frequently on social media like Instagram about their romance that’s been evolving since Summer of 2015. The couple will undoubtedly be a strong one, without much worry that work will get in the way now that Torres is no longer active in the tennis world. Swank still works as an actress/producer, but manages to stay very low-key in the media crazed place that Hollywood is.

We’re not sure yet what their wedding plans will be – how big it’ll be, how open, how extravagant – but we are sure that their wedding will be a beautiful one based on the A-Lister’s stunning engagement ring. We’re excited to see what Swank’s wedding dress, or really, all of what she wears on the big day. No news yet has come out on when the wedding will be. But based on the fact that they got engaged after a year of dating, we can imagine that the wedding will come pretty soon assuming the planning won’t take too much time.

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Swank certainly deserves a good man after her previous marriage to Chad Lowe ended back in 2006. We have no doubt that after her previous marriage, Swank knows just what to expect when it comes to married life.  The way these two love birds look at each other is enough to let us know that they are on planet LOVE.

As Hilary Swank and Ruben Torres begin their lives together, we’re very excited and can’t wait to see the pictures they post through the wedding process.

Happy engagement Hilary and Ruben!

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