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Honeymoon Tips #1
John Hardy

Honeymoon Tips #1

Nothing Beats Planning Ahead

Like any other holiday you’ve probably embarked on in the past, you are likely to save more money the farther out you book your honeymoon. It is always nice to be able to save something after all the spending you have done to make your wedding fabulous.

But beware, don’t book until you have both decided on the date as you may loose part of (if not all) the money you have paid or even pay a penalty if you changed your minds about your travel date.

SAVE Even More!

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The honeymoon cost does not stop at the travel tickets and hotel bookings. When going on a honeymoon you will obviously need a few essentials to make you feel at home and enjoy your time together. These include some nice luxury robes, beach towels, flip flops, the bikini, a nice hat to shade you from the sun, sun block or suntan lotion etc. If you want to cut short the list of things that you need to buy for your honeymoon, why not ask for a honeymoon themed shower?

That way you not only get most of the things you need to take with you on your honeymoon, but they would be coming from the people you love and packaged with love too! And you might even receive these items personalized or monogrammed with both your names on them.

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