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16 Things Every Bride Hopes Her Groom Is Thinking As She Struts Down The Aisle
John Hardy

16 Things Every Bride Hopes Her Groom Is Thinking As She Struts Down The Aisle

Excitement, nerves, tears of joy are all likely to overwhelm a bride as the wedding date draws near, but nothing beats the rush of emotions that both the bride and groom will have on the wedding day itself.

As emotions take over the bride, the groom is on the other side of the room with his own thoughts, but what’s he thinking? It’s hard to know what is going through a guy’s head, especially when his bride is walking down the aisle towards him. Although we can’t tell you exactly what is going through your groom’s mind, here are 16 things every bride hopes their groom will be thinking as she struts down the aisle in what is likely to be the most important dress she’s ever purchased.

1. “I’m a lucky boy…”
2. “I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with such a beautiful woman”
3. “She looks amazing in that dress…”
4. “I’m glad I asked her to be mine”
5. “This is way better than the bachelor party last night.”
6. “Wow she is so beautiful, how did I get her to say YES?”
7. “How did I get so lucky, she looks unbelievable”
8. “That is my wife…I can’t believe it”
9. “I’m marrying my best friend…and she’s hot! How lucky am I?”
10. “I get to be with her for the rest of my life, is this really happening…?”
11. “I’m going to love her everyday of my life, I’ll support her and make her feel really special”
12. “Is it my imagination, or does she look more and more beautiful every day I’m with her?”
13. “I can’t wait to call her my wife, my all…
14. “Wow, after all those bad date, I really chose the right girl…”
15. “I love her…”
16. “I’m in love all over again”

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