You’ve been stressed out for months, flipping through wedding magazines and pouring over the guest list again and again. But it’s finally here. Your wedding is tomorrow.

We know that there are a million and one things running through your head, but you’re not alone! Here are some common things that go through bride’s heads the night before marrying their man:

1. What if I forget my vows? What if my fiance forgets his vows?

2. I hope no one gets sloppy at the reception. I’m definitely only having one drink… Okay, maybe two.

3. What if my fiance hates my wedding dress?

4. What if my bridal party outshines me? I knew I should have picked an uglier color for their dresses.

5. I hope there isn’t any wedding drama. Everyone better be on their best behavior.

6. What if I start to cry and there’s mascara running down my face?! Did I remember to get waterproof?

7. Did I pay everyone I was supposed to pay?

8. What’s going to go wrong? Something is totally going to go wrong.

9. What if people don’t like the food?

10. Is this really happening? Do I finally get to marry my soulmate?

Take a deep breath and close your eyes, everything is going to go perfectly. And, if it doesn’t, you’re going to come away from your wedding with great stories. Plus, this isn’t about everything being flawless. This is about being perfectly human and marrying your best friend, the love of your life. Stop stressing and enjoy it!

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