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Watch Batchelor’s Ben Higgins & Fiancée Lauren Bushnell Play The Pre-Newlywed Game
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Watch Batchelor’s Ben Higgins & Fiancée Lauren Bushnell Play The Pre-Newlywed Game

Watch Jimmy Kimmel put Ben Higgins and new his new fiancée Lauren Bushnell on the spot when he made them play a hysterical game of ‘Fiance My Name’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After an emotional 10-week journey on a love quest, on national television, Bachelor Ben and his new fiancée were finally able to come out publicly to celebrate their engagement.

The much anticipated Bachelor finale which aired last night ended with nearly two hours of “I love you’s,” enviable tropical backdrops and of course, the very happy duo.

Ben Higgins - Bachelor TV Show
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Shortly after the finale was aired, Ben and Lauren waltzed off to Jimmy Kimmel Live where they were made to answer some rather revealing post-engagement questions. Nothing puts a couple to test like a game of “Fiance my name”, thanks to the late night host.

The game involved which involved very revealing, pre-newlywed questions got the new couple to indeed found out how much they know about each other off-screen. According to People, the questions were mostly based on family members and Bachelor Ben managed to correctly answer the names of his new fiancé’s siblings, uncle, and even her dog. Not bad! But we think his best response was when he was not able to name his future mother-in-law’s maiden name. “Beautiful,” he wrote on his cue card. Lauren did not get as many correct answers. “You’ll get to know each other better!”, Jimmy Kimmel joked.

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Later on, the future bride posted a still of the late night show on Instagram, with the caption, “Celebrations are in order. Watch us tonight on @jimmykimmel!”

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