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It’s Valentines Day 2018 But Who Was St. Valentine And How Did It All Start?
John Hardy

It’s Valentines Day 2018 But Who Was St. Valentine And How Did It All Start?

Valentine’s Day implies the celebration of romance, love, and togetherness. On this particular day which is celebrated on February 14th every year, individuals across the globe spend their time with their near and dear ones in one way or the other.

From candlelight dinners to special dates, this day bears a special meaning for lovers of all ages on the planet. Even those who are staying away from each other, try to spend their time together on Valentine’s Day. In the following paragraphs, we will mention how Valentine’s Day actually originated.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

As a matter of fact, this day is not always about flowers and sweethearts. It has got a dark past centered around the 6th century B.C. when a yearly pastoral festival was celebrated in Rome so as to clean the city from demons. This festival, known as Lupercalia, was usually associated with blood sacrifice as well as random matchmaking so as to safeguard the city from evil forces while ensuring fertility at the same time.

However, there was a change in Lupercalia over time when Christianity was introduced in Rome around 284 AD. The person responsible for this change happens to be a Roman emperor known as Claudius II (Claudius the Cruel). He tried to expand his empire by increasing his army with hordes and hordes of soldiers, but the men were quite loyal to their girlfriends and wives because of the influence of Christianity and didn’t want to venture out for war leaving their women behind. Consequently, all the marriages were outlawed by Claudius so as to keep the men on track.

Some individuals were so much committed to each other that they pleaded one priest, known as Valentine, to marry them secretly. Unfortunately, this action caused Valentine to lose his head in the long run. Nevertheless, while he was in prison, Valentine is known to have developed a relationship with the daughter of the jailer. While he proceeded to meet his death, he handed a note to the lady that read “from your Valentine”.

His novel sacrifice was recognized after his demise, and he was named St. Valentine.

This did not end the way in which Lupercalia was celebrated till 496 A.D. when it was eventually ended by Pope Gelasius. The Pope set aside February 14th as a day of romance in the honor of St. Valentine, and it was named as Valentine’s day.

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated today as opposed to the past?

At present, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different parts the world by different cultures that have their own way of commemorating it. As a matter of fact, this particular day is observed in some parts of the world as a day for exchanging love and greetings between near and dear ones including friends and family members rather than romantic couples.

In some other regions, gifts and delicious food items are given to the children instead. We usually associate Valentine’s Day with romance and numerous Valentine’s Day cards are being exchanged every year. Sometimes, flower bouquets are also sent along with romantic messages to the sweethearts while couples spend their time in each other’s company. Some couples like to celebrate this day with a special meal or even with a picnic. Valentine’s Day dinner promotions are offered by many eateries while the food is usually presented with symbols of flowers and hearts.

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