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Interview: Luxe Wedding Planner Christopher Confero
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Interview: Luxe Wedding Planner Christopher Confero

We caught up with wedding planner extraordinaire, Christopher Confero, one of the most sought-after event planners in Georgia, Alabama and the Southeast. His impressive background in the arts and extensive knowledge of lighting, floral design, space planning, graphics, and decor make him the ultimate wedding planner.

Armed with all that knowledge, it’s no surprise that brides trust him with all the details of their big day. Discover for yourself his signature style and exactly what sets him apart from other planners.

Celebrity Style Weddings  There is no doubt you’re one of America’s finest wedding planners, every wedding you touch looks amazing. How did you get started in the event planning business?

Chistopher Confero  Isn’t “by accident” always the answer? It’s true for me as well. I was a PR/Marketing major from Auburn, but I have also always been involved in the arts. Roll them together, and it gave birth to who I am today. Initially the concept of my business was targeted more toward corporate, but I learned I wasn’t that stiff of a designer. With my degree, I started doing freelance graphic design for Alabama Weddings Magazine and it rolled into styling editorial shoots which snowballed into where I am now. Everything happens for a reason, and I love all of my brides and grooms.

CSW  When a bride and groom contacts you to plan their wedding, what is the process involved?

CC  No couple is the same so therefore no wedding should be either. When I first get an inquiry, I schedule a meeting with the couple to learn every detail about their lives. You can’t force a wedding to fit a certain mold, so it’s integral that I ask the right questions to know their specific personalities; how they met, what do they do for fun, where they shop, what their homes look like and so on. Every word they say gives me clues as to how to craft their wedding day around them.

CSW  What makes a wedding by Christopher Confero Design so unique and special?

CC  I’m often asked this question and what my “signature style” is in the same breath. Every wedding that I work on is unique because I’m taking the personality traits and characteristics of my couple, and bringing them to life. There are elements and finishing touches to every Confero wedding that are the same; every linen napkin is hand pressed, every table linen kisses the floor, every chair sits at the edge of the table eagerly waiting on a guest and no detail goes unnoticed. It’s my attention to detail and every aspect of the design process that makes my weddings so unique. Because I work with my clients on every aspect from fashion to photography, stationery to decor, every element flows seamlessly together.

CSW  Do you ever get to attend a wedding and just enjoy it, or do you find yourself always thinking about it from a wedding planner’s perspective?

CC  Very good question! I actually choose not to attend friends’ weddings. I either end up over analyzing everything or jumping in and working in some way. Rather, I choose to host a gathering in honor of their engagement or such. It allows me to be more relaxed and just have our closest friends to share the occasion with.

CSW  Do you have a favorite bridal industry trend?

CC  The questions on trends is probably the most often I get asked and my answer is always the same. I never follow any trends in design because that means when you look back years to come, that you’ll be seeing something that is out of style and even worse ask yourself “What was I thinking?!” If a bride is insistent that there is a trend she wants to include we’ll do it in small ways such as stationery accents or a favor.

CSW  What is your favorite wedding color palette combination?

CC  Most people think I would gravitate toward a bright color palette, but I much prefer muted color tones of the same family and in a gradient. I always like to pair a dark neutral color such as navy or black to anchor the space and add in one metallic to add some sparkle. White is my favorite color so there are always bright and crisp elements to my design. So my ultimate color palette would be white, cream, blush, soft pinks, a touch of apricot, navy and gold.

CSW  Do you have any memorable wedding planning stories to tell us?

CC Every wedding has it’s high points and it’s memorable moments, but probably the one that stands out to me was one of the first wedding’s I ever designed for my sweet friends, Heidi Elnora and Jeff Baker. Heidi is a super talented bridal fashion designer who was on Project Runway, and being apart of that event was probably the beginning to my career. Working with someone who is also so creative, it’s safe to say we had a blast throughout the process.

CSW  What do you like to do when you’re not planning an event?

CC  Such a double ended question for me! I love to relax at home and be in my own space and operate in my routine, but I also love to travel and get inspired for future events. No matter where I am, in my own home or on a beach in Miami, it’s important for me to have some down time so I can recharge and be able to give my clients all they deserve.

CSW  Tell us 5 things you love and can’t live without.

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CC Only 5? I’ll try!

1. My faith.

2. My family

3. Close friends

4. A good haircut

5. My iPhone

If I were able to give just 1 more, it would be a close call between my Burt’s Bees lip balm and my Terre D’Hermes cologne.

CSW  Do you have any advice for couples that are just starting the wedding planning process?

CC  Don’t try to do everything yourself. If I have a bride who is a doctor, I remind her that I could never come in and do her job so on the same hand, don’t try to be a wedding planner. If you seek out a true professional that you get along with and you trust their work, then you’ll have an amazing planning process.

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