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How to Plan a Surprise Honeymoon
John Hardy

How to Plan a Surprise Honeymoon

Surprise honeymoons are quickly gaining popularity. Celebrities such as country stars Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood were both whisked away on surprise honeymoons planned by their husbands.

Although, many couples enjoy and usually plan their honeymoons together, sometimes one person, usually the groom, assumes the task of planning the honeymoon as a surprise for his bride. If you can keep a secret, planning a surprise honeymoon could be the greatest gift you give her.  Here are some tips for planning a surprise honeymoon that she will never forget.

Determine the destination  It might help to think back to places you have both traveled to together. Consider places you both loved.  You may want to revisit those places or visit places similar to those that you enjoyed.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to venture somewhere you both have never been. If you both have never traveled together, it makes sense to have a conversation about places both of you would enjoy. The bride’s friends and family may also offer some clues.

Decide and agree on dates  You will need to come to an agreement regarding travel dates.  Most couples leave for their honeymoons on the same or the next day after the wedding.  Others leave a week after the wedding or postpone it for a date further in the future.  Surprise or not, discussing the exact dates you plan to leave should be the first step in planning a honeymoon.

Get organized  Compose a travel itinerary complete with hotel and airfare confirmations.  Manage your traveling documents well in advance.  Depending on your destination, you’ll have to determine if  passports or visas are necessary.

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Book it  You can use a travel site to plan your entire shop or you could enlist the help and expertise of a travel agent.

Pack Wisely  Unless you want to give away the surprise location, you will probably assume responsibilty for packing everything.  Be sure to pack appropriate shoes and attire for you both. Enlist the help of a close friend or relative of the bride.  If you think your bride would rather pack her own belongings, you could provide a hint of the surprise destination’s weather conditions without revealing the surprise.

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