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Have You Considered A Honeymoon Registry?
John Hardy

Have You Considered A Honeymoon Registry?

The cost of a honeymoon can really put a hole in your bank account, along with the money you will spend on the wedding itself, the rings and of course, the wedding dress. A great way to help with the cost is creating a honeymoon registry.

A honeymoon registry is an account created for guests to place money towards your honeymoon. When you are ready to access the funds, you simply transfer the funds into your bank account, or you may have the option to have the funds automatically transferred into your bank account. Some organizations take a small commission for their service; however, it is a convenient way for guests to contribute to your honeymoon.

The beauty of a honeymoon registry, is that is saves your guests from placing money into a wedding card. They can remain anonymous if they choose and organisations keep a list of contributions so you can easily send out thank you cards. A honeymoon registry also ensures that you do not receive any unwanted gifts. It will also allow you to splash out on that five star luxury hotel or extravagant activities you may not have considered with your personal budget. Browse through our top honeymoon registry picks and decide if a honeymoon registry is for you:

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