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12 Ways To Get “Great Gatsby Fever” With Sue Wong
John Hardy

12 Ways To Get “Great Gatsby Fever” With Sue Wong

It’s official! Brides-to-be have caught “Great Gatsby Fever” thanks to the recent big screen reinterpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby”.  If you’re planning a glamorous 1920’s-theme wedding, you’ll need the perfect “Jazz Age” inspired dress for yourself and your bridesmaids.  It’s easy to get the decadent deco look with a dress by designer Sue Wong.

A world of romance, fantasy, and old Hollywood glamour, the dresses in this fabulous collection capture all the over-the-top-opulence, glitz, and glamour of the “Roaring 20’s”.  These wedding-worthy looks are meticulously embellished and consist of sparkly sequins, pearl beads, geometric patterns, and feathers all typical of the “Gatsby” look.  After looking at these 12 art deco inspired dresses, you’re sure to agree that there’s no better place to look for wedding style inspiration than “The Great Gatsby”.

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