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10 Easy DIY Wedding Signs To Make Instead Of Buy
Jimmy Choo - UK

10 Easy DIY Wedding Signs To Make Instead Of Buy

Looking for an easy way to get crafty for your wedding? Start with your wedding signs. Some wedding signs are such a cinch to make, even brides who are not so crafty on a regular day would feel confident enough to take on the task.

A handmade wedding sign can be a simple and fun DIY project that you can do as a couple that will add your own personal touch to the wedding decor. As a bonus, if you’re trying to stay within a wedding budget, a DIY wedding sign usually costs much less than what a professional would charge.

Don’t worry if your signs are not professional grade. Nobody’s really looking for perfection here and besides a little bit of imperfection can actually lend your signs some quirky charm. Ready to show-off your creative side? All it takes is some know-how, your imagination and perhaps a little inspiration.

Here are 1o wedding signs you can make instead of buy.

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