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The Trump Wedding
John Hardy

The Trump Wedding

The Trump & Knauss wedding was a very luxurious one and as you already know, it came at a huge price tag. They had a lot of rich gold and white everywhere and who doesn’t like gold? We’ve taken some inspiration from their wedding and blended it with every girl’s best friend, chocolate! It gives the theme a very rich look and shows you how easy it is to add your own color scheme within Trump and Knauss’s wedding theme.

Originally designed by the amazing event designer, Preston Bailey, the Trump wedding is one of those few weddings that will never get old. So if you liked their wedding, but want to work green, blue or any color (you’ve chosen for your wedding) into the trump wedding style, you can do so effortlessly by keeping a good balance of your colors. We have also included affordable versions of the items on the mood board to suit your wedding budget. Use this mood board as your guide and play with different items until you’re satisfied with the color you want to be the dominant color at your wedding.

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