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Must My Father Walk Me Down The Aisle?
John Hardy

Must My Father Walk Me Down The Aisle?

Traditionally the bride’s father walks her down the aisle, but you can have even your mom, step-dad, brother, sister or other relative walk you down the aisle. What matters is that the person that walks you down the aisle is who you want to do it. You can even choose to walk with more than one person or walk the walk alone if you feel like doing so.

While it can be great and fun to conform to wedding traditions, you need to remind yourself that it’s your big day and what you want is sreally what counts. However, it’s always a good idea to maintain an open dialogue with anyone affected by the choice you make.

Some brides decide who will walk with them at the last minute which is a really bad idea. Why? It’s simple, and there are 101 reasons why you shouldn’t, for starters you might end up hurting someone’s feelings without even knowing it and never really have the chance make your case. While it can’t be guaranteed that someone won’t feel left out because of your person of choice, it can be possible to have what you want and still keep the peace. The ultimate goal here is, after all, to choose the person who will make you feel confident, loved and supported, while you take that walk to your new and happy life with your husband-to-be.

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