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10 Ways To Encourage Guests To Share Your Wedding On Social Media
John Hardy

10 Ways To Encourage Guests To Share Your Wedding On Social Media

Social media has become such a HUGE part of everyday life. It’s no big surprise that brides and grooms are embracing social media on their special day by enlisting the help of their guests to capture and share special moments. Why not ditch the disposable cameras and encourage your guests to play photographer with their smartphones? Guests can upload their unique snaps to your favorite social media networks and tag them with a special hashtag that you’ve created.

Not only will you get to see pictures of your wedding instantly but you’ll also get to see your wedding in a different perspective…from the eyes of your guests!

Whether you’re giving your guests the green light to snap and share at will or would rather they unplug for the day and just enjoy the festivities, let your social media stance be known at the beginning of the celebration to avoid any miscommunication or hurt feelings.

Ready to harness the power of social media? Here’s 10 ways to encourage guests to share your wedding on social media.

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