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A Modern Architectural Wedding Inspiration
John Hardy

A Modern Architectural Wedding Inspiration

If you’re looking for a wedding inspiration that is rather style and unique, this modern spin on the classic idea of the white wedding, designed by Simply Tamara Nicole will inspire you to create your very own stylish modern wedding.

Feast your eyes on the simple yet stunning details, such as the floral crown to a cloud-like installation, sleek lines with an architectural sense of structure and three dimensionality, the use of vellum and clear glass for the paper goods, the bridal bouquet which comprise of parrot tulips and garden rose, large floating chandelier made of Lunaria (a beautifully iridescent flower with thin petals that looks like paper), sprinkles of cherry blossoms branches to break up the design giving it an architectural & graphic quality and elegant candles and candle holders to add mood.



Designed by Simply Tamara Nicole  |  Floral crown to a cloud-like installation by Wild Bloom Floral and layers upon layers of white  | Photography by Rebecca Yale’s.

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