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Milan Event Planner Giorgia Fantin Borghi Talks Tying The Knot In Italy
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Milan Event Planner Giorgia Fantin Borghi Talks Tying The Knot In Italy

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Italian event planner, author and TV personality Giorgia Fantin Borghi left her Marketing & Events Coordinator job at Merrill Lynch in 2000, after the birth of her first child and created her agency, Giorgia Fantin Borghi, which today plans some of the most beautiful events in Italy and beyond.

Celebrity Style Weddings  Tell us about Giorgia Fantin Borghi.

Giorgia Fantin Borghi  I was born in Padova, near Venice, a city renown for its culture, art and history. Daughter of an Italian basketball National Team player, Mother of two. After a successful career in a large US firm in Milan where I was in charge of top management corporate events and where I also learned international etiquette, I eventually opened my own agency in Milan in 2004 focusing on my real love: weddings and private events.

I am an author (I have to date published two books about weddings and women), I’m a table stylist consultant for a numbers of Italian magazines and a TV host for several Italian TV shows.

My husband calls me Mrs “P” because I’m professional, passionate and positive and… I really love what I do.

CSW  What makes a Giorgia Fantin Borghi wedding unique?

GFB  Some of my clients have described it as a kind of “magic”. I love to create an unexpected “coup de théâtre” in an ultra-perfectly planned event.

The secret is to create a cohesive vision with an impeccable attention to detail. Guests should never have the time to wonder what the next surprise will be as it will already be unfolding before their very eyes.

I have learned to appreciate the fact that people can truly understand the commitment and effort behind an event through elegance and beauty. It is with this in mind that I have developed a full wedding planning and production service with the highest quality management, rendered all the more unforgettable by its distinctive Italian flair.

CSW  What locations do you cover? (In Italy and abroad if you can also plan events outside of Italy).

GFB  My agency is mainly dedicated to luxury events in Italy and the Cote d’Azur, especially:

Milano and surroundings

Como lake (our trademark)



Italian islands seaside locations: Sardinia (Costa Smeralda) and Sicily (Taormina and Agrigento)

In Cote d’Azur we mainly cover Montecarlo, Saint Tropez and yacht parties.

CSW  For brides who are planning to have a destination wedding in Italy, what is your booking process?

GFB  I only plan a small number of weddings each year because I want to be personally involved in the entire design process and I make sure I attend every event.

Following the initial contact I will try to meet or speak with the bride and groom to be to make sure that my services will be a good match with what they are looking for.

I also look for enthusiasm for the project from both sides as I always aim to provide the highest possible level of service and I find that a positive attitude and trust is key for a perfect planning.

CSW  Do you have any wishes or expectations for each couple that you work with?

GFB  I always hope to exceed the bride and groom’s expectations of their own wedding. I work to leave them a memory of incredibly wonderful and joyful moments without the stress.

My greatest wish is to be remembered by the couple not simply as the person who provided a service but as someone who contributed an unforgettable period of their lives.

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CSW  What inspires you when you’re planning a couple’s wedding?

GFB  Many things can inspire me: paintings, travel, songs, pictures but mainly people. I think a lot of people have an inner art but often don’t have the opportunity to show it. I love to discover this art and be inspired by it.

Inspiration is important and useful but to be unique and personal it’s one’s vision and focus that really counts. Having a theme is not an absolute-must for the successful organization of a memorable wedding, having a vision is.

My main target is to understand a couple’s personality, and mix it with a gorgeous, superb and stylish Italian mood.

CSW  Tell us your 5 favorite things.


  • Food & wine (I’m Italian!)
  • High heels (I’m a woman!)
  • Modern art in all shades (I’d love to be an artist!)
  • Kindle (I’m an avid reader!)
  • Little finger rings (I’m definitely addicted!)

CSW  Favorite celebrity wedding?

GFB  The marriage [wedding] between Chrissy Teigen and John Legend… simple, stylish, trés chic!

CSW  What are your style tips for brides and grooms?

GFB  The most relevant tips in my opinion are to believe in the importance of perfect timing and to always lay your trust in the power of good food!

A gorgeous and impressive wedding is the result of a perfect combination of quality and appearance.

A successful event unfolds easily and smoothly if all the guests are able to enjoy the best things life can offer: elegant decor, brilliant lights and colours, delicious food, joyful entertainment, perfect style, time for oneself and of course… love.



Via Medici 6,
20123 Milan, Italy

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