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Blue By Betsey Johnson
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Blue By Betsey Johnson

Searching for a pair of standout shoes to wear on your big day?  Betsey Johnson has you covered! Crafted especially for brides, Blue by Betsey Johnson continues to wow all the brides-to-be since its launch in 2013. Betsey Johnson’s bridal shoe collection covers all the bases: lavish lace, beautiful bows, shimmery accents and sexy straps. There is a shoe in this gorgeous collection to fit every brides personality. Styles include sling-backs, t-straps, sandals, stilettos and flats.

Here’s the best part. If you are agonizing over how to work “something blue” into your bridal look, consider that dilemma solved because all the soles of all the shoes feature the collection’s signature pretty blue sole.  The collection is affordable and attainable with prices ranging from $79-199.

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