Très Chic Beach Tote

Prepare for the ultimate relaxation after your wedding! We’re talking about your fabulous honeymoon. If you haven’t packed your honeymoon accessories yet, you may want to start with a personalized très chic beach tote. The perfect size beach tote should fit a number of items you will need at the beach, such as your beach towel, sunscreen/SPF, sunglasses, flip flops, chapstick, underwater camera, a big floppy beach hat to shield your face from the sun and other small beach accessories. A good size would measure something like 16″ h x 21″ w; 8″. If you want to make a fashion statement at the beach, you’ll love this one that we’re coveting right now.

Très Chic Beach Tote


Mark and Graham Honeymoon Tote

Modern Pool Tote, from Mark & Graham.
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