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The Weekend List: Brunch Date

The Weekend List: Brunch Date

  • Going on a brunch date had never so more romantic.
  • Fall in love all over again, everyday, every weekend, with your husband-to-be in these stylish pieces.

There’s no long or special planning required to have that special date with your fiancé. Any weekend can be the perfect day to have a romantic date.

Leave the rest of the world behind and runaway with your husband-to-be. Go somewhere where no one knows you and pretend to live in a world that is just perfect for you and him. Be strangers, be lovers, have fun and go home to get married. Make your lives together an unending brunch date.

Add these key pieces to your weekend list.


3.5 logo leather clutch, $1,245.


Small Evil Eye 14-karat gold, diamond and emerald earrings, $730.


BBold leather sneakers, $995.

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Triple XXS Dean gold-plated ring, $225.


Grace stretch-cashmere cardigan, $719.

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