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Follow This Easy Workout Plan To Look Amazing In Your Wedding Dress
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Follow This Easy Workout Plan To Look Amazing In Your Wedding Dress

A wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. And for every bride, it’s a dream to get to walk down the aisle to the man she loves, looking embellished and flourished in her wedding gown. A bride should be able to choose the wedding gown she wants, without limitation, and to do so, as with most of us, she might need a little help from the fitness fairy. One of the major goals of most brides is to adapt a good workout routine before their wedding, especially if their wedding gown of choice calls for toned arms, legs, thigh or a flatter tummy. Below are exciting and easy workouts that can be worked into your fitness routine to help you look your best in your wedding gown. Whether its a strapless mermaid or sheath gown, these fun and easy workouts tailored for every dress type can help you shape up in time for your big day.



Biceps and Triceps These workouts help strengthen the back and chest muscles, making your chest firm and toning up your shoulders and back area. Because a strapless gown is designed without straps or sleeves at the neckline leaving the chest, back and shoulders exposed, this workout concentrates on the upper body part making your body fit for a strapless gown.

Model is wearing Roland Mouret Henderson gown, RolandMouret.com $5,305.



Bench Press This workout concentrates on your arms and shoulders. It tones up your arms, your pectorals (chest), anterior deltoids (front shoulders), triceps brachii, and latissimus dorsi (back). It involves lying on a bench with your back and raising heavy dumbbells using your two arms. This workout is for the bride whose goal is to wear a sleeveless gown or a wedding gown that leaves her arms exposed.

Model is wearing Stella McCartney stretch-crepe halterneck gown, Net-a-Porter.com, $3,669.



Sit Ups This is a simple workout that is very effective for tackling a bulging waistline. It boosts your core muscles and strengthens  your abs. Ball gowns are designed for small wasted brides, but this workout along with a healthy diet can help you achieve a beautiful wasitline so could you fit into that dream ball gown.

Model is wearing Willowby Galatea embroidered v-neck tulle wedding dress, Nordstrom.com, from $1,595.



Body Plank is a workout that impacts on the whole body. The static exercise works just about every muscle in your body, no equipment necessary. Lying horizontally to the ground with your body raised uniformly – make sure you hold your body (the trunk portion) off the ground, making sure to hold it in a straight line. The position strengthens and tones an array of muscles found all over your body, including your shoulders, arms, rump and lower back, but the primary target is the abs where you’ll really feel the squeeze. The workout is aimed to get you body ready for a sheath gown.

Model is wearing Halfpenny London Dion stretch-duchesse satin gown, Net-a-Porter.com, $1,678.



Squats The popular workout helps work your hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads and strengthen your core. In addition to this, Squats may help improve balance and coordination, plus bone density.

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This workout goes hand in hand with the mermaid gown, helping the bride tone up especially in the hip area whch most brides worry about when their gown of choice is the mermaid gown.

Model is wearing Roland Mouret Mirah gown, RolandMouret.com $4,960.



Lateral Lunges This workout is done by placing one leg in front of the other and bending it along with your knee at a 90 degree angle to the ground. The workout impacts all the body weight on your legs hence strengthening your leg muscles and leaving it toned. It is the ideal workout fit for the bride who wants to show off beautifully toned legs in a short wedding gown.

Model is wearing Danielle Frankel off-the-shoulder silk and wool-blend mini dress, Net-a-Porter.com, $5,619.



Bench Press The bench press workout concentrates on your arms and shoulders. It involves lying on a bench with your back and raising heavy dumbbells using your two arms. The workout tones up your arms for a sleeveless wedding gown.

Model is wearing Stella McCartney Jade silk gown, Mytheresa.com $6,900.

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