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It’s amazing how almost anything can inspire your wedding, whether it’s a trip, a dress, an ornament, the weather or even a painting.

Candice the very beautiful bride was inspired by a beautiful painting called ’Some Summers’  by Todd Hunter. She showed the painting to her wedding planner, saying “I love this – if my wedding can feel the way this painting makes me feel, I will be so satisfied.” The painting looked ‘old European’, so her wedding planner quickly got the idea of what she wanted.

She went hunting  – she sought more inspiration from artists like  Monet, Van Gogh and more, in order to give the couple the old world, European look that they loved. The inspiration for everything else soon fell into place. They chose lots of brass, old woods and rusted metals as well as using mostly local Californian flowers to keep the whole look natural and organic. The end result? A masterpiece – you can easily see why we fell in love with this gorgeous wedding.

The Look: Elegant and classy with a very old world European influence.

Photos: Courtesy of Oncewed

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