Judith C.

Judith Chi is the Editor-in-Chief at Celebrity Style Weddings.

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Laurie E.

Senior Fashion & Style Editor, when Laurie is not writing about the latest celebrity inspired bridal trends, swoon-worthy wedding gowns, beautiful blushing brides, and all things wedding related, she enjoys a good work out, traveling and shopping. Her seamstress mother and a summer in Paris inspired her to pursue an exciting career in fashion. Laurie uses her wealth of experience in luxury goods to bring CSW brides great ideas and products to make their weddings gorgeous and unique.

Kathy N.

Fashion & Style Editor Kathy dove into the glossy world of weddings from a Los Angeles TV background. She interviews the finest wedding A-Listers in CSW, writes gorgeous real weddings as well as research endlessly to bring you lots of fabulous wedding ideas. A passionate foodie, when Kathy is not writing or cooking up new recipes, she can be found tinkering with the latest social media app or capturing the sunset over the Hollywood Hills via time-lapse videography.

Kassidy V.

Fashion & Style Editor, Kassidy is a true New Yorker. She lives and breathes fashion daily and is always on the look out for the hottest new trends. When she's not on a fashion hunt, she loves exploring new coffee shops and museum exhibitions in New York City, and inspiring others with her creative flare.

Theresa L.

Honeymoon, Destination Weddings + Travel Editor, Theresa’s love for travel has taken her to many exciting and exotic destinations with white-sand beaches, beautiful gardens and gorgeous mountains. As she tours the world in search of the perfect love nest, she brings back with her the best ideas for honeymoons, destination weddings and travel. When she’s not traveling, you can find her relaxing with a good book, sipping Chai, shopping on New York's Fifth Avenue, cruising around the Galapagos Islands or eating tasty pastries in Paris. Theresa previously arranged her own overseas wedding.

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Ask Bella Bridezilla

Bella is related to the Latin and Italian word for beauty, while bridezilla...well you know the rest. CSW is re-defining the meaning of bridezilla, because it's not such a bad thing to want the wedding of your dreams to play out as you imagined - just remember to play nice and stay pretty along the way. We're doing so with the help of our wedding expert friends who we call Bella Bridezillas.